Architectural History, History and Historic Preservation

Tuxedo Park Library: Tuxedo Park, NY

Cultural Resource Management is often more than archaeological investigations. AHRS’s full range of architectural history, history and historic preservation services. Architectural history predominantly deals with buildings and structures and includes architectural surveys, evaluations and mitigation services. History deals predominantly with the people and events around the buildings and structures and includes historic context statements, family histories, etc. Historic preservation deals more with preserving buildings and structures, districts and preservation planning. We can coordinate all architectural, history, historic preservation, mitigation and conservation services to ensure your project meets all cultural resource regulatory requirements.

AHRS provides Section 106 consultation including identification of historic properties, assessment of effects and potential mitigation measures. We also work with non-profits and private homeowners to meet regulatory requirements and/or further the goals of their organization.

Every project requires at least some level of documentary research. AHRS can address documentary research needs for all types of projects.

Documentary research is part of the Phase IA process during which AHRS researches the history of an individual property or neighborhood. This may include reviewing deed records, manuscripts, tax records, probate records and historic maps. Depending on the significance of a property, more in-depth research may be required. As necessary, AHRS can provide various levels of detail for historic studies.

Services Include:

Map of Lower Manhattan, 1777
Map of Lower Manhattan, 1777
  • Section 106 Consulting Parties Coordination
  • State Level Documentation
  • Historic Research and Literature Review
  • Historic Context Statements
  • Historic Structures Report
  • Architectural Surveys: Reconnaissance and Intensive Level
  • Architectural Salvage Plans
  • Historic American Building Survey (HABS) and Historic American Engineering Recordation (HAER)
  • National Register Nominations
  • Determination of Eligibility
  • Cultural Landscape Assessment

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